Synapses Martiales
Synapses Martiales
Vieille Synapse molle II
Vieille Synapse molle II

The sculptor and blacksmith, Yann Baco, was born in Paris in 1965. A trained iron craftsman, as well as an artist and sculptor, he only rarely exhibited his works up until 2007, at which point a patron ordered an exclusive exhibition from him. Three years of relentless work saw him produce an exhibition of sixty or so works: Les Hommes de Fer (The Iron Men). Collectors snapped them up.
The steel works, in an eclectic variety of styles and sizes, are profoundly modern and at times cross over into the realm of abstract and figurative art, diluted with a clear mystical touch.
With Yann Baco, time seems to stand still. He works with iron, a material with which this artist holds a dialogue and with which he feels the need to take his time. For him, 'iron is a living, organic and malleable material, which must be respected, which accepts some transformations but refuses others.'
His work is based on an undeniable love for this raw material and a desire to share this sentiment. He is also particularly fond of the actions involved in the transformation of this ductile material at the forge. Yann Baco likes to play with fire. In each of his creations, he offers us the memory of his artistic process.


Recent exhibitions:

2016 : International Art Fair - ART 3F Metz - Mulhouse - France
2015 : Art Elysées - Paris
2015 : International Art Fair - ART 3F Nantes - Metz - Paris
2014 - 2015 : Exhibition "Synapses" Grande Finale - Freland - France
2014 : Exhibition Billettes' Cloister - Paris - France
2014 : International Art Fair ART 3F Nantes - Mulhouse - France
2013 : International Art Fair ART 3F Lyon - Mulhouse - France
2012 : Exhibition Billettes' Cloister - ART WAY - Paris
2011 - 2012 - 2013 : Permanent Exhibition ART WAY Gallery - France
2011 : Council of Europe - Strasbourg - France
Oct 2010 - Feb 2011: Grande Finale - Freland - France

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