phoca thumb l 1 shiva paris 2003bdDuring a tour of the Middle East with her family, Sabine Jaccard discovered the joys of photography: she was 9 years old. Since then, photography never quit her.
As she loved French and English literature, she studied both at Oxford and London universities, then at the Sorbonne. Shakespeare watched over her in her studies and in her work as a photographer.
Her aim : to produce tableaux vivants that echo some of Shakespeare's main themes: the antagonism between reality and illusion, between light and shade, between body and soul.
In 2000, Sabine Jaccard was introduced to Henri Cartier-Bresson. It confirmed her vocation in life.
Since 2002, exhibitions follow one after the other.

Sabine Jaccard particularly loves street photography with black and white prints on silver paper, and not digitally produced prints. According to its Greek etymology, the word "photography" means "writing with the light" ; Sabine Jaccard has chosen to take backlit photographs to express her desire to approach, touch and understand what drives human beings.

In 2017, she published her first photo album book entitled « Water Theatre ».
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Papillon42017150x190cmRArt Way invited 2 artists, Beatrice HUG (photography) and Kristian Desailly (painting). Exhibition from 5 to 11 nov 2018, ART WAY Gallery, 55 rue de Seine, Paris 6.
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Diego Quagliotti Art WayThe photographer Diego Quagliotti has been invited by the Embassy of Uruguay in Paris from 14 to 22 June. The artist presented almost 20 works of art, some not yet shown in France. Diego Quagliotti was born in Montevideo in 1979. Detected by art collectors, he is considered as one of the most talentuous uruguayan artist from his generation. In this exhibition "ILLUSIONS", he prompts us to reconsider our environmental footprint, our relationship to the world and the life. Read more about the artist

Invitation Yann Baco 17 03 2018From March 17 to May 19, the sculptor Yann BACO was invited by the very famous French chocolatier Patrick ROGER. In the Patrick Roger's shop on Place Saint-Sulpice in Paris, Yann BACO has presented almost 20 works of art. With Yann Baco, time seems to stand still. He works with iron, a material with which this artist holds a dialogue and with which he feels the need to take his time. For him, 'iron is a living, organic and malleable material, which must be respected, which accepts some transformations but refuses others.'
His work is based on an undeniable love for this raw material and a desire to share this sentiment. He is also particularly fond of the actions involved in the transformation of this ductile material at the forge. Yann Baco likes to play with fire. In each of his creations, he offers us the memory of his artistic process.
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Exhibition from March 17 to May 19, 2018
Patrick Roger shop
2 - 4 Place Saint-Sulpice, Paris 6
Monday - Saturday from 10:30am to 1:30pm and from 2:00pm to 7:30pm
Free access

Poisson Fo²ART WAY has presented from 2 to 27 Feb 2015 the exhibition "Topo Graffic", curated by the artist Fo².
" Our human dreams have always been swaying in the waves.
The sea carries our entire nostalgic mood for another life, our formless hopes, our unconscious desires...
The sea listens to us, it calms us; and our pain and revolts fade quietly away, between the sky and the water..." Fo²
Through this original exhibition, the artist Fo² calls us to responsability in terms of our impact on the environment. He delivers to us a message of love and respect for these living beings that inhabitated our planet for millennia. Exhibition "Topo Graffic" - Artist Fo² - Production ART WAY - Espace Paul Ricard, 20 place Louis Pradel, Lyon 1er, France - Contact +33 682 102 438.

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