Grande sardine - H 50 cm - L 1...
Grande sardine - détail
Poisson Baliste - H 53 cm - L ...
Poisson Baliste - H 53 cm - L ...
Grand Epinoche - H 56 cm - L 1...
Grande sardine lamelles - H 48...
Merlan - H 55 cm - L 148 cm
Make Art, Not War - H 91 cm - ...
Double Seven
Seven Dance
Sans titre
Bleu des Ancêtres 1
Bleu des Ancêtres 2
Bleu des Ancêtres 3
Bleu des Ancêtres 4
Triptyque Bleu des Ancêtres
Meltin Interiora
Meltin Profil
Double Omega

Fo² paints Life before all else, driven by a spirit of Freedom. This sense of Freedom emanates throughout his work, with its simple, supple or sketched lines, and splashes of colour.
Freedom in his choice of composite materials: wood, paper, oil, acrylic, sand, pigments, metal... Fo² takes his inspiration from objects found abandoned in working-class neighbourhoods.
Freedom in the techniques used: he spontaneously gives life to his compositions with collages, scratching techniques, touches of paint...
Freedom in artistic expression.

Within his sculptures, Fo² sounds a cry of alarm regarding the overfishing in the world.

"The fish is an emblem of water, a symbol of fertility and wisdom. Hidden in the depths of the ocean, the fish is penetrated by the sacred power of the deep. Sleeping in lakes or crossing rivers, it distributes rain, humidity, and flooding. Thus it controls the fertility of the world. Fish symbolize our forgotten participation in their unconscious archaic world. A world that fairy tales often describe as a lost link which a fish brings back as a present.

Within these sculptures, I denounce overfishing. Until recent years man has not really changed his treatment of the sea. He takes and gives nothing back. The sea has endured these takings for thousands of years, – without reducing its fertility. This is true because fishing techniques have allowed man to be a predator in the food chain and in the balance of the world.

Today, the size of the catches has reached a critical level; in order to maintain the quantity of fish that they are caught, more and more equipment is needed. This decreases the value of the fishing gear and other equipment. It is the sign of a decrease in the living capital of the sea that is called the bio mass (or living mass). At this level of development of modern techniques of overfishing, man has added a dramatic factor that is worsening every day – this factor is pollution. This pollution has an effect on the life cycle of the sea, thus on the future of man. Therefore, man must remember every day that he is only a link in the chain and that the balance of the world remains fragile." Fo²

The exhibition TOPO GRAFFIC organized in Lyon (France) by Art Way in 2015 is a strong illustration of this message.

In may 2016, Fo² exhibited his work of art in Contemporary Art Biennale Off in Dakar; he was represented by ART WAY.
"I chose painting, one of the different modes of expression of contemporary art, to express my- self. Through my plastic art, I examine the possible relationships between colour, material and line.
I have to get into the painting, let myself be guided by this rich, demanding material, this dust and water. I have to sift it, scrape it, flatter it, love it, all in the hope that it will give me what I was searching for, what I didn't know before. Every time it's a surprise, hoping to find the magical moment when I can say "That's it, it exists".
I discovered that all is sign. Anything becomes a symbol as soon as you pay attention to it. Mankind himself is a sign. Mankind: a five-segment claw with a dot above. And to symbolize it: a handprint or some chalk lines. Thus, I understood that a sign takes you to another reality: the reality of the concept it represents. And when it gets ingrained in the collective memory as time goes by, then it becomes a symbol.
It can synthesize our beliefs, allow us to unite, recognize – recognize ourselves – communicate. All this contributes to define the work of art. A graphical code inherent to ourselves ; sometimes universal like the circle. The sign concentrates our cultures and influences our lives. The ability to see and use signs bestows a great advantage on an individual. Rituals, whether they are animistic, alchemical or simply social, are ample evidence of the power of signs.
I wanted to "pay tribute" to them, make them "mine" for a while, since my work as a creator allows me to approach them and sometimes catch a glimpse of their meanings and range. I try to point out that symbiosis, that synergy. I combine them with the human being that inhabits them and that they inhabit.
These are only suggestions, I barely touched upon the possible metaphors." FO²

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