Raie Manta II - Bronze
Raie Manta II - Bronze
Raie Manta III - Bronze
Raie Manta III - Bronze
Raie Manta III - Bronze
Raie Manta III - Bronze

His artistic approach

"The animal world offers us a spectacular demonstration of the beauty of life: imagine a panther washing, a hurtling rhinoceros, a procession of penguins or a stunning polar bear, to name just a few!

Through respect for this beauty, I always start my work by researching the animal's anatomy. Then, once the sculpture has taken on the desired pose, I try to eliminate all the unnecessary details, producing a stripped-down form. Realistic representation makes way for my vision of the world.

My sculptures don't offer a naturalistic representation of the animal world, but rather highlight a certain vital elegance. When I sculpt, I always keep in mind the words of Baudelaire: "It is this immortal instinct for beauty which causes us to regard the earth and its spectacles as a glimpse, a correspondence of the beyond." Pascal Masi


Pascal Masi began by directly carving stone, then marble. Nowadays, he works with a range of materials: clay, plaster, stone, polystyrene, wax, etc... All these materials offer different possibilities, each with their own specific limitations. He proposes all his sculptures in bronze and works with the finest foundries in France. He creates works for his own collection and on demand for orders.


Born in France in 1954, Pascal Masi has sculpted ever since 1991. He turned professional in 2000. Pascal Masi captures attitudes, reveals behaviour and character and distils movement. He doesn't intend his work to show the details of animals but rather aims to demonstrate pure movement. Delicacy, sensitivity and emotion are present in every one of Pascal Masi's works.His career, both in France and abroad, sets him out as one of France's most talented sculptors. In 2008, one of his sculptures, "Danse avec les ours" (Dance with Bears), was added to the collection of the Musée François Pompon in Saulieu. This makes him the only contemporary sculptor to have their works exhibited alongside those of the undisputed master of wildlife sculpting.


- Acquisition of "Grande Manta" and "Hydroptère" by Royal Museum of Jeddah (Arabie Saoudite)

- Public commission of the city of Gif-sur-Yvette

- Award Winner "Art Animalier Mercedes-Benz Paris"

- Award winner Sandoz presented at the 35th Prize of National Show of the Animalist Artists

- Acquisition of "P'tit Rock" by Puteuax Contemporary art Museum
- Award of "Assemblée Nationale" - Categorie "Sculpture"

2009- Sculpturalasne (Brussels/B)
- Salon des Artistes Indépendants (Paris)
- Solo exhibitions:
- Paris: Terre des Arts gallery
- Versailles: Anagama gallery
- 34th National Wildlife Art Fair (Bry sur Marne/F)

- Permanent gallery exhibitions (Paris, Lyon, Cannes, Saint-Tropez)
- Solo exhibitions:
guest of honour: Town of Pecq (78)
guest of honour: Musée François Pompon, Saulieu (21)
- Salon des Artistes Indépendants (Paris)
- Lineart international art fair (Gand/B)

- Solo exhibition (Alkmaar/NL)
- St'Art (Strasbourg/F)
- Europ'Art (Geneva/CH)
- Salon Art Laren (Amsterdam/NL)
- Lineart international art fair (Gand/B)
- Salon des Artistes Indépendants (Paris)
- Art en Capital (Paris/F)

- Lineart international art fair (Gand/B)
- Salon des Artistes Indépendants (Paris)

- Guest of honour: 50th Bourg-en-Bresse art fair/F
- Lineart international art fair (Gand/B)

- MAC 2000 (Paris/F)
- 26th Wildlife art fair (Enschede/NL)
- 116th Salon des Artistes Indépendants (Paris)

- 25th Wildlife art fair (Enschede/NL)
- 215th Art fair organised by the Société des Artistes français (Paris)Bronze Medal
- 18th International Painting and Sculpture Fair (Nancy/F)Gold Medal from the City of Nancy (Stanislas d'or)
- 115th Salon des Artistes Indépendants (Paris)
- 21st International Painting and Sculpture Fair (Vittel/F)Gold Medal from the Town of Vittel

- 114th Salon des Artistes Indépendants (Paris)

- 19th Vittel Painting and Sculpture FairGold Medal

- 15th Saclay painting and sculpture fair (Essonne)2nd prize (sculpture)

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