HLM Ludo élastique
HLM Ludo élastique
Tenso modulaire élastique
Tenso modulaire élastique
Tenso modulaire
Tenso modulaire

True to his principle of dynamic tensions, the basis for both his paintings and sculptures, CAPORICCI has now begun to apply this same concept to his three-dimensional murals. These works, which are intended to be hung, are fully adjustable and mobile, offering every spectator's imagination a vast range of visual possibilities. Both the taut, painted wires that force the plastic strips to bend and the rods that pull them tight divide up the space in the tradition of Pevsner and Gabo. CAPORICCI has succeeded in fully incorporating the spirit and limitations of mural sculpture. This brings out the rigour and visual power of his style, embracing and harnessing the chosen technique with unfailing success.

"The language of the continuously-developing Tension structures creates an infinite variety of shapes. Spatial forms are determined by the elasticity of the material, the tension of the anchor points, the variation of the dimensions and effects, i.e. through the calculated interplay of adherence and dilatation. Therefore, the physical, mechanical aspect, which has a direct impact on the material, revealing its substance and the individual interpretation of the space, calls on latent abilities. Furthermore, the reactions of the colours, revitalised by their refraction and alternatively omnidirectional and modulated transparencies, could be used to treat the weakness of modern perception, which is often limited and fragmented."


A short biography

Giancarlo CAPORICCI was born in 1946 in Naples, Italy. After graduating from the Naples School of Fine Art, he began his career teaching the history of art and fashion in Italy. At the same time, he organised architectural, theatre decoration and scenery production projects in both France and Italy.

In 2000, he oversaw an educational project involving nursery and primary schools in a town in the Paris region. This work enabled the children to both construct and reclaim their urban environment. This scheme reflected his desire to base social links on like-mindedness and the sharing of emotions present in both the project's artistic and human elements.

Joint exhibitions since 1963 and solo shows since 1968 in Italy, France, Spain and the United States.

Giancarlo CAPORICCI is the author of numerous works on art and contemporary sculpture, particularly "constructivism", "geometric abstraction" and "manufactured non-objectivity".

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