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Kristian Desailly was born in 1955. From his earliest years, he lived surrounded by artists such as Tinguely and Vasarely. This unique upbringing led him to develop his own artistic style, strongly influenced by the Cobra movement, amongst others, and to seek out creative exchanges with other artists, such as Jean Miotte, following his graduation in Fine Arts in 1984 (including, while he was at it, two first prizes in drawing and painting).

Exhibition led to exhibition not only in France but also Hamburg, Cologne, Bonn, Luxembourg, Zagreb, Dubrovnik and New York, as well as international art fairs in Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Madrid.

In 2008 in Liévin, Kristian Desailly participated in the "Cinq abstraits" exhibition in the company of Debré, Féraud, Miotte and Soulages.

"K. Desailly uses a bright and bustling range of colours, capable of increasing in intensity to create the most subtle chromatic tension. The serene concentration of a single pure line interests him as much as the dynamic richness of an overflowing eruption of colours and the free interplay of proportions and contrasts: abundance and excess, yet also attention to detail and formal asceticism.

Kristian Desailly owes a great deal to the graphical freedom of abstract expressionism. He adopted the limitless possibilities of informality as a means of expression and considers it as a sophisticated system of artistic aspiration to freedom. Through his work, the artist demonstrates that gestural abstraction is still able to break the limits imposed by conventions and restrictions." Hans Dieter Sommer, Art critic.

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