le voyage bronze art way"We can all experience a feeling of calmness as we contemplate a serenely-balanced, irrefutably-harmonious shape. It is undoubtedly intended to reflect something more than itself, some common meaning, a dialogue between consciences, a resonance hidden in the very depths of beings but whose perception is particular to each individual." Claude Justamon

Claude Justamon's androgynous figures, undifferentiated human beings, evoke the feeling of a possible elsewhere, a possible otherwise. They are bearers of dignity, strength, purity and serenity, but also of questioning.

Whilst not losing sight of the plurality and finiteness of human beings, the artist's aim is to express what we have in common, our similarities, what brings us together and seems fundamental and timeless. <<<< Read more about the artist and her work >>>>

calcutta 3"Travelling photographer Thierry Clech shows surprising acuity when it comes to capturing the essence of the towns he explores and gives us pictures that are spontaneous yet very complex and strikingly beautiful. Following in the footsteps of humanist photography, Thierry Clech's photographs are very good at capturing the wealth of information contained in a single instant, depicting scenes that are both characteristic of life in that particular location yet totally unique, marked as they are by the sense of passing time, the impermanence of all things and a certain melancholy asserted by the artist himself." Valerie Douniaux, Doctor in art history, specialized in photography and in Japanese contemporary art. <<>>

Thierry Clech is represented by art galleries in New York and London, and in France by ART WAY.

madagascar01 2012Camille Marie Bieber is a young photographer. She is quite the nostalgic. She looks regularly to the past, more in a contemplative than regretful fashion: past, future and the superposition of time are key areas of her work.
In the "Interstella" series that she began in early 2012, she invites us into an imaginary yet stunningly-realistic world, inspired by her attraction to English sci-fi and her fascination for the unknown and what happens elsewhere. Combining digital photography and photo-montages of planets and nebulas that she herself creates, unreal landscapes rub shoulders with our daily life, in a lunar atmosphere that encourages us to reflect on our existence and the possibility of life elsewhere. <<<< Read more about Camile Marie BIEBER and discover her work >>>>

Bruno Macé and Masha Schmidt have been invited by ART WAY to exhibit some of their works of art until March 31st, 2012. To discover this exhibition, please contact us by phone 06 82 10 24 38 or send a mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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